Doesn't matter what the issue is, but we can and will most certainly just blame it on autopilot!

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First, before we get to the real blaming, let's make sure we blame autopilot for over 130 million miles of incident-free driving assistance.

That's a lot of blame to pass around.

Fortunately there is no shortage of people to pass that blame on to: the thousands of people at Tesla that have worked to get autopilot to us. We can blame them for all the accidents that now just won't happen, and we can blame them for all of the people who won't be injured in those accidents as a result of autopilot. Shame on you all for making this technology statistically better than human drivers! Trying to make humans look bad are we!? Think of all of the hospitals that will lose money from the lack of injured people! What about all of those insurance claims that just won't have to be paid! And let's not forget all of the traffic that results from "distracted driving" accidents that we're going to miss so much! The horror! I can't take it!


[YouTube] Blame autopilot for not rear ending this car!

[YouTube] Blame autopilot for not hitting this SUV!

[YouTube] Blame autopilot for not T-boning this a******!

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"Autopilot got me pregnant!"